"I want to torture you.. I want to make you crazy for me.. I want you in the middle of the street, screaming to the heavens.. I want you unable to breathe, unable to think, unable to see.. I want you.. to want me."
— August J  (via warpten)


Nazarov found your little note


*Waggles his brows, suggestive.*

Was he jealous?

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M a y b e

Don’t you like flowers?

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unusualtoaster: Guess what looks very out of place next to Jean's coffee maker?

*Must be new, Jean surmises, just as he finishes wiping off his mug and placing it gently next to the toaster. If it’s anything that he truly finds out of place, it would be the chosen base colour of the contraption; in all of his time working as a Spy for the industries, remaining unfailingly loyal to the respective theme of the company was a must. He was getting rather sick of blue, anyway.

Might as well make some toast.*

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amortean-archive: Jean does your respawn still work by any chance. Did you get fitted with new respawn.

Oh, yes. That’s the whole reason why I came back for work in the first place.

…………is this about my little Valentine’s day prank.

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offtovisityourmother: *There's some flowery pink stationery slipped under your door with the following message.* Roses are red, violets are blue, you're better off dead, blah blah blah FUCK YOU.

… B|

*Real mature, Dimitri. Reaaaal mature.*

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So what did I miss.

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Whisper Of A Thrill | Thomas Newman | Meet Joe Black

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